Who We Are?

Health has been desirable for Humankind since the beginning of civilization

Health (Swasthya) refers to "Swa" which denotes soul and the very nature of soul is to be healthy and remain active happily.

All these have to be achieved referring to "Aarogya". To get you "Aarogya"! to stablise your body. We have setup "DAKSH PRAKRITIK CHIKITSALAY ACUPRESSURE & YOG SANSTHAN", equipped with all natural remedies and processes where your body can be rejuvenated from what your body has been made i.e. "PANCHTATVA" (Mitti, Pani, Dhup, Hawa, Aakash).

Dr. Pankaj Kumar

प्राकृतिक चिकित्सा रत्न N.D ,Y.D ,D.A.T,D.M.T,D.S.T, M.D (Acu),C.A.T, C.S.M Ex Resident , Arogya Mandir,Gorakhpur

Bihar No 1# Yoga and Naturopathy Health Care, one of the India's Best Naturopathy & Yoga Centre

The cure to the aches & pains that just won't go away.

The way out of the inexplicable mood-swings that have become a part of urban life.

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